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descriptionPAWN for SA-MP in Sublime Text 3

PAWN for SA-MP in Sublime Text 3


Sublime Text 3 is a highly customizable Text-editor with a lot of cool features, that you don't get using the standard Pawno-editor or Notepad++. I know there are already a bunch of tutorials about this, but they don't explain how to install packages very well, which can be confusing for beginners and I added some instructions on using the program.

  • You can fully customize the editor to something you feel comfortable with.
  • Writing code is faster because of the auto-completion and a smart auto-correction.
  • Your code will look a lot cleaner with the neat indentation it offers.
  • A lot of useful (customizable) Keyboard Shortcuts to write code more easily.
  • It also works for a lot of other languages, so it can be used as your primary text editor.
  • Sublime Text is available for Windows, OS X and and Linux.




Some pre-made Color Schemes

Some pre-made shortcuts

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[Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]  - Download and Install the latest Sublime Text
[url= Control.sublime-package]Click here[/url] - Download the Package Control file for sublime

Installing the syntax

  1. Download and Install Sublime Text
  2. Download the Package Control file
  3. Paste the Package Control file into C:\Users\Your PC Username\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Installed Packages
  4. Open Sublime Text 3 - or restart if already open
  5. Go to Preferences>Package Control and choose Install Package and wait until a new window pops up
  6. Search for pawn and click on Pawn Syntax, wait until it's installed
  7. You can now change the syntax to PAWN in the Lower right corner or View>Syntax>Pawn


You can now start writing SendClientMessage to see if the auto-completion works. If it doesn't you didn't complete these steps successfully.

Installing the compiler

  1. Go to Tools>Build System>New Build System
  2. Replace the code with this code:
    "cmd": ["pawncc.exe", "-i includes", "$file", "-;+"],
    "path": "C:/path/to/pawno/folder"

  3. You have to change the path to the folder containing pawncc.exe (e.g. "C:/Users/Name/Desktop/MyServer/pawno"), make sure the slashes from your path are / and not \.
  4. Save the file (remember the name) and close the tab
  5. Restart the program
  6. Set your build system: Tools>Build System>name you chose
  7. You can now press Ctrl+B to compile the the code.


Congratulations, you're done

Extra instructions

How can I change the compile button?

  1. Go to Preferences>Key Bindings
  2. Search for build with Ctrl+F
  3. You can replace the current key with something new (e.g. F5)
    You should see something like this:
    { "keys": ["ctrl+b"], "command": "build" },

  4. Save the file and restart Sublime Text 3


How can I change the color scheme?

  1. Go to Preferences>Color Scheme
  2. Try out some color schemes. Not satisfied? Go to the next quesion...


How can I get new color schemes?

  1. Go to Preferences>Package Control and choose Install Package
  2. You can search for color schemes between these packages



  • Go to View>Indentation
    I recommend Tab Width 4

  • You can adjust the indentation by selecting the line(s) and pressing Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+].
    Or with the Tab button.


More tips

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[size=32]Programming With Love[/size]
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FiveGame RPG

FiveGame RPG

IP: [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]
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