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descriptionHow to create Gang-Zones!

This is my first Tutorial and post ever on the forum's, just so you know.

How to create Gang-Zones!

This tutorial will show you how to create gang-zones in your server!
This can be useful if you're making a Roleplay server which has Gang's, or a TDM Server. (THIS ISN'T A TAKE OVER A GANGZONE).

You obviously need pawno aswell.

Step 1)
You'll first need to download something called "X-Treme Vehicle Plotter".
You can quickly search this online or on youtube, that's how I got it.
Once you have it installed, run the .exe.
It is completely safe, incase you're worried about a virus or something.

Step 2)
Now launch it up, you'll get this.

You can feel free to mess around with it.
Once you have that opened, proceed to "PAWN OUTPUT".
You can click on map's and go on a island of San-Andreas, for this, I'll use Los Santos.

Step 3)
Now hold left click on the place where you want the turf, a red-box appear's. Now, release it once you think you got your turf.

Now a different window will pop up.

Step 4) 
This window will pop up.

Click "Gang Zones & World Boundaries"
Click the circle on "Use Gang Zones".

Step 4)
Write a Variable name, for mine, I put "test."
Feel free to use the colors and transparency.
Once you are done, proceed by clicking "Okay".
Something will come up on PAWN OUTPUT.

Step 5)
This'll appear in the PAWN OUTPUT.

Now all the instruction's are really on there, but because I'm so nice I'll continue and tell you what to do.
When you open your pawno script, you put the "new test;" above OnGameModeInIt. The "test" will be different, of-course.

Step 6)
Now, Inside OnGameModeInIt add the following...
public OnGameModeInit() {
test = GangZoneCreate(2185.784, -1784.503, 2554.659, -1606.855);
return 1;

Coord's and the test will be different, again.

Step 7)
This is the same as Step 6, instead we use OnPlayerSpawn
Add the following...
public OnPlayerSpawn(playerid) {
GangZoneShowForPlayer(playerid, test, 0x00000096);
return 1;

You should get something like this, in-game.

And that's it! That's all you have to do.
You can repeat this process and add more if you wish!
Thank's for reading this tutorial.

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